Genome Engineering

Genome engineering technologies – with CRISPR/Cas undoubtedly being the most important one – have evolved rapidly in recent years. To keep up to date with new tools, applications and developments, we organize a VIB training day on ‘Genome Engineering’.

The aim of this training day is – after a brief introduction – to highlight new, more advanced CRISPR- applications. The training focusses specifically on the practical implementation of the technology in the lab, through experts sharing their know-how concerning CRISPR applications. Topics will include Cas9 fusions that enhance editing efficiency and precision and enable new types of genome control, such as DNA methylation. We will end with a keynote that will highlight some practical applications of the CRISPR technology.

Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss their work with experts in the field during a competitive poster session (poster award of 150 €). You can submit your abstract for the poster session before 4 November 2019. Presenting a poster is not obligatory, but please note that we will give priority to who has submitted an abstract for the poster sessions if there is a waiting list.



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