Courses@CRG: Nextflow 2019

The event bringing together the Nextflow community, big data scientists and cloud experts

Create. Deploy. Share. Nextflow is a popular workflow management solution that allows scientists and engineers to create data-driven applications which can be effortlessly scaled across clusters and clouds. It simplifies the writing of complex distributed computational workflows in a portable and replicable manner. Nextflow allows the seamless parallelization and deployment of any existing application with minimal development and maintenance overhead, irrespective of the original programming language. Containerisation technologies and inbuilt executors for the most popular cluster systems (SLURM, PBS, UGE, LSF, etc) and cloud infrastructure (AWS Batch & Google Cloud Platform) ensures unrivalled deployment. The built-in support for code repositories provides code sharing for the collaborations that matter most and enable your applications to touch the world. But most of all, the active community of that has formed around Nextflow provides inspirational, best-in-class technical examples from global leaders in workflow deployment as well as lasting relationships in a growing community.

Nextflow Training – 17th and 18th September 2019
The week kicks off with a two-day intensive workshop intended for Nextflow beginners and intermediate users. In these practical sessions, participants learn about Nextflow technology starting from basic through to advanced concepts, with the expectation they will acquire the proficiency to develop and deploy their own workflows. The workshop will be provided across 14 topics including processes, operators, executors, containers and best practices. A GitHub repository will be provided with all the necessary material and software as well as AWS cloud instances for running the deployments in the relevant practical sessions. The audience is expected to have at least some prior basic command line experience.

Nextflow Camp – 19th and 20th September 2019
Nextflow Camp brings together the Nextflow community of developers and users to discuss the state of Nextflow technology, the latest developments and tackle the open questions in a collaborative manner. Each day is split between talks from Nextflow experts and tutorial breakout sessions where participants get a flavour for the possibilities for their own applications.

Organizers (CRG, Spain):
Cedric Notredame
Emilio Palumbo
Evan Floden
Paolo Di Tommaso


Alexander Peltzer (Germany), Alper Kucukural (USA), Anna Vlasova (Austria), Anthony Underwood (UK), Anton Kodak (UK), Ben Taylor (UK), Francesco Strozzi (France), Lee Pang (USA), Matthias Monfort (France), Philip Ewels (Sweden), Richard Ellis (UK), Samuel Minot (USA), Toni Hermoso Pulido (Spain), Venkat Malladi (USA)

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