The structure of the alliance is based on a Board of Directors, a Strategy group, several Working groups & Task forces and an EU-LIFE Office.

Board of Directors

Each member is represented in EU-LIFE by its Director or Scientific Director. The Board of Directors (BoD) is the highest decision-making body of the alliance. The BoD elects two of its members to serve as a Chair and a Co-chair for a period of two years. Currently, Geneviève Almouzni from Institut Curie is acting as Chair and Rene Medema from The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) as Co-Chair.



The EU-LIFE Office is located in Barcelona, Spain. The EU-LIFE Coordinator, Marta Agostinho, is the head of the Office and is responsible for strategy development with the BoD, and the implementation and centralisation of all activities. She is supported by a Communication Officer, Ana-Belén Fernández, and an Executive Assistant, Montserrat Díaz. 

Strategy group

Strategy group

The Strategy group gathers the BoD, the EU-LIFE Coordinator, the main representatives (i.e. a focal point of each member for the alliance) and the Working groups chairs (see below). This group focuses on general questions concerning EU-LIFE organisation and strategic actions, such as strategic and action plan, policy development, consideration of new partners, staffing and internal meetings.

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Working groups & Task forces

The different activities of the alliance are carried out by dedicated Working groups, formed by experts from the member institutions. Each Working group elects a Chair, who sits together with the Strategy group twice a year to review all activities. There are currently six active Working groups: Science Communication, Technology Transfer, Core Facilities, Grants & Funding strategies, Recruitment & Training, IT. 

The Task forces are smaller groups bringing together a specific set of EU-LIFE experts to accomplish a short-term assignment. There are five Task forces currently running by now: Indicators & publications, PI Recruitment & Career Development, Libra & Gender sustainability, PostDocs Incubator Programme and Horizon Europe. 

Organisation chart

Organisation chart